anti war protest at the RNC

August 22, 2008

I made a poster to get more people to join a carpool from Saint Louis to the republican national convention in Minneapolis.  Its on September 1st… if you live in STL and are interested email me!

keep those pigs in line… march on the RNC!


3 Responses to “anti war protest at the RNC”

  1. greg said

    isn’t it kind of reckless to advocate immediately pulling out of the country? iraq runs the risk of falling to complete genocidal disaster. it’s doing well now but it’s a very very fragile country. also, it’s not helpful using words like ‘pigs’ to refer to political opponents. try to be more open minded.

  2. ottenberg said

    I don’t think it is any more reckless then invading and occupying Iraq in the first place. An imperialist military presence is not going to prevent disaster in Iraq. I’m curious what you mean when you say Iraq is ‘doing well now.’ Here is a table showing the civilian deaths in Iraq for each year of the war (from

    2003 10,077 – 12,010
    2004 9,741 – 10,573
    2005 13,071 – 14,324
    2006 25,699 – 27,519
    2007 22,586 – 24,159

    I fail to see how things are ‘doing well’. In fact, things seem to be getting worse. The yearly civilian death count seems to have doubled just about the same time our troop surge “worked”. You are blindly spitting out the rhetoric of the those in power in Washington. And for the record I am not affiliated with any party, so I don’t consider Republicans my ‘political opponents’… Nor do I consider all republicans pigs, just a vast majority of those present at that convention.

  3. greg said

    Ah, but its’ only 6,135 for 2008 so far, and we’re in September! Even if you double that, we’d still be under half of where we were in 2007.

    The government is stabilizing, al Sadr has agreed to a truce, and we’re talking about withdrawing by 2011. I really don’t see how you can objectively say we should get out right now with a full withdrawal.

    Yes, invading was reckless. But potentially plunging the country into disorder again would be just as unethical.

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