Sweat Free

February 20, 2009

A few months ago I co-started an anti-sweatshop group at my school (Webster University) along with several other students.  It seems to be picking up steam and the issue was brought up by another concerned student at the bureaucratic nightmare they like to call the “delegates agenda”.  Exciting news!  It made me think of this old animation I made for a class a while ago…


resistence is natural

January 20, 2009

I made a poster to get more people to join a carpool from Saint Louis to the republican national convention in Minneapolis.  Its on September 1st… if you live in STL and are interested email me!

keep those pigs in line… march on the RNC!


New Work!

August 20, 2008

So, I failed with… uh… dying colors?  Failed at posting a drawing a day that is.  Here’s a new one.  Its an “in progress” type of work, you know the kind:

updated work

July 28, 2008

In an effort to make this blog function as a competent portfolio of my work I am going to post several drawings that are not new… in fact, they are old.  If you’ve seen them already I apologize, if you have not let me know what you think.

Big Bang Theory

Third Baptist

I Still Make Mix Tapes


A can in the U.S. loses its weight


July 28, 2008

Yet another quick sketch… I promise I will actually put some finished drawings on here

Child Soldier Too


July 24, 2008

I’m going to try and complete a drawing a day for as long as I can.  Lets see how it goes…



As a final project for an International Human Rights course at Webster University in St. Louis I created a human rights awareness pamphlet on Israel and the occupied territory. It provides an overview of the recent developments in this extremely complex issue as well as some pictures and artwork. The idea was to create it sort of in the style of the Amnesty International magazines… I turned it in today. Here are a few pages of it:

It’s Only Water

April 26, 2008

Notice the man performing cannot help but crack a smile as he walks out of frame. Because the torture has been slightly removed from reality and the victim has been dehumanized (being a teddy bear) the man performing has forgotten he is reenacting violent and grotesque method of torture. It illustrates the startling methodology of the U.S. government and how it works. By dehumanizing Muslims and Arabic people in general as violent terrorists, the U.S. can convince relatively moral people to drown another human being all while smiling for the camera.